About us

We are “WhiteWhite” family. We sew work clothes for medical and beauty specialists. We started our business back in 2001, but our first collection of medical clothing was announced in 2015, when we created several women's experimental work clothing models for medical staff, then we have achieved great success and excellent ratings. Now we are growing up each passing day. A man or a woman, a student or a professional everyone can choose a comfortable, stylish, high-quality outfit from our wide assortment. The result of the original design and high-quality materials is sewn and tested in Lithuania. Fashion has always special place in our hearts. Medical fashion gave us the chance to express our personality, because the main founder and maker of the ideas of our company is closely related to the medical profession.

Our Medical Clothes are not ordinary, but different, expressive and the most importantly sewn with love.

We sew with love - We sew for You ...